Super Bowl Sunday at Chuck’s

In the same vein as my previous post on beer sales analysis at Chuck’s Hop Shop, I wanted to make a similar analysis but this time focus on Super Bowl Sunday sales. Similar to last time, I made a few assumptions:

  • A keg is on tap until it is empty.
  • Each keg only serves pints of beer.
  • A pint is the only unit served (ie no 8 oz. pours).

Anyways, here is a brief summary of beers on tap for the shortest amount of time on Sunday:

Brewery Beer Hours on tap
Cloudburst Psycho Hose Beast… 0.25
Iron Fist Mint Chocolate Im… 1.00
Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado… 1.00
Wander Wanderale, Belgia… 1.25
Sound Humonkulous IIIPA 1.25
Cloudburst Saison W/Grapefru… 1.25
Victory Prima Pilsner 1.75
Commons Holden Saison 2.00
Seattle Cider Semi-Sweet Cider 3.00
Deschutes Abyss ‘15 ½ Pint 3.00

Time on tap vs. ABV

Did beer with higher ABV sell faster?

Time on tap vs. cost

Did more expensive beer sell faster?

What does the relation between cost per pint and ABV look like?

Once again, all code lives here