States With Multiple Football Teams in the AP Top 25

With WSU beating Oregon and UW beating UC Berkeley, the State of Washington is poised to have two football teams in the top ten of NCAA Division I football rankings. Naturally this got me thinking, how often does this happen and how many states have had this same achievement?

To answer this I used the weekly results of Associated Press poll which started in 1936 and thanks to our good friends at Wikipedia, I was able to get AP Poll results for every week.

I found that 25 states had at least one week where two teams from that state were in the AP Poll. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized this was slightly biased because some states might only have one team (i.e. Wyoming) while other states might have two Division I teams that are never both great at the same time (i.e. Montana). I tightened down my restrictions a bit and only looked at the top 10 teams from each AP Poll.

Surprisingly, of the 25 states with at least two teams in the AP top 25 Poll, 21 of those states had a week with at least two teams from that state in the AP top 10. I made a summary table with the most recent year each state achieved this distinction listed:

state year
Louisiana 1936
Maryland 1955
North Carolina 1957
New York 1958
Illinois 1963
Indiana 1979
Pennsylvania 1982
Colorado 1994
Kansas 1995
Washington 1997
Ohio 2009
Oregon 2012
Florida 2013
South Carolina 2013
Georgia 2014
Mississippi 2014
California 2015
Alabama 2016
Michigan 2016
Texas 2016
Oklahoma 2017

Then, I thought what if there were ever a week when a state had 3 teams in the AP top 10. Sure enough, four states have achieved this:

state year
California 1952
Indiana 1967
Florida 2005
Texas 2015

As always, all of my code for this is on GitHub