Standing Up for Net Neutrality

Currently there are many political issues that demand attention however in my opinion there are none that would affect more people than the possible destruction of net neutrality.

Net neutrality is simply the principle that all data on the internet should be treated the same. It does not matter if you are visiting Fox News or Mother Jones - the data and content from both of these websites (as well as from every other website) should be treated as equal and that data should be served equally by all Internet Service Providers. Losing net neutrality could lead to an internet that favors one of these two sites based on which site is willing to pay more. I chose these sites because they are such polar opposites but at the same time we live in a country that allows for such opposites to have equal protection of freedom of speech. I may disagree with the content of a particular website but I do not think it should be served any differently than the website of a site I do agree with. Destruction of net neutrality will lead to greater influence wielded by larger corporations and could stifle smaller websites and startups.

Fortunately, there is still time to act. On July 12, various online communities and users will come together to stand tall and sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on net neutrality. Join us here!