Red E and Me

Sometime around the 30th of December 2012, I noticed a huge spike in traffic on my server. I looked at the server logs and noticed that many of the requests were coming from The Red e cafe, a cafe in Portland. I had never been to this cafe so I looked up their website only to find my own website staring back at me.

For approximately two days my index page and the associated CSS were replacing the main site of this cafe. It was truly bizzare and am not sure why someone would hack a commercial site and put another site such as an individual website in its place. For the lulz I guess.

Still, the weirdest part of this to me was that not a single person conteacted me on twitter or any other medium to ask what I was doing on the mainpage of their cafe. Someday I will have to visit Red e cafe to ask in person if this happens often to them.

One other interesting thing I noticed was how often my site gets hit by a Baidu spider. Prior to this one came by maybe once a week now one visits about every 20 minutes.